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Last update: March 2, 2015
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​Shaker Crew News

Click the link below to access our Parent Packet for the Spring 2015 Season. This contains much of the information parents need to know as you register your child. Once registered, you will be on our email list for future information and updates.
Parent Packet for the Spring 2015 Season

Spring Registration
Spring registration will be open from 
Friday, February 20 until Tuesday, March 10. 
Please go to the Registration tab during that timeframe to register. 
The cost for the spring season is $775.

Hitting the Water
We are tentatively scheduled to be back on the water Monday, March 16, 2015 if the ice is melted and the docks are in.  Maybe we can get some of those melting trucks on their way back from Boston!

​Winter Training
Winter training plays a critical role in staying in shape for the Spring season so stay committed.  It will pay huge dividends for you when you hit the water!

Shaker Crew offers competitive and recreational rowing for novice and experienced student-athletes at Shaker Junior and Senior High Schools. The goal of the program is to teach technical knowledge, challenge athletes to excel and instill lifetime values regarding the importance of teamwork. 

There are two main competitive seasons held in the fall and spring, with competition at the regional, state and national levels.  The club also conducts a winter conditioning training between seasons and a competitive summer program. Learn more about how rowing can benefit college bound students.
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