Parent FAQs
Parent FAQs
Parent FAQs
Parent FAQs
Frequently Sought Information  

Click here for the Fall 2019 Information Packet  which answers many commonly asked questions. 

My child wants to row with Shaker Crew. What do I need to know?
Learn more in the Shaker Crew HANDBOOK.

How do I get in touch with the Coaches? 

Where are the forms I need? 

What is Shaker Crew about? What are the rules, how do things work, etc.? 

How do I add an email to my Sports Sign Up account?
Log into the main page of your account. Under "Adults", there should be all the names you have entered and next to each name is an EDIT link. Click the EDIT link.

Under Contact info, there are two fields labeled "optional email" so allow you to add two additional email addresses. Enter them, click enter and save.

How does the Food Tent work at a regatta?
The food tent is available for rowers, coaches and parents. It is an opportunity to get to know each other and to try to get warm at some of the cooler regattas (Hello, Saratoga!) 

Each rower's registration fee includes full access to the food tent. From that point on, you are not required to bring any food to the tent. This makes it easier on everyone as it relieves us from coordinating who is rowing when and can bring what.

All families are required to work one shift at the food tent at a regatta during the season.

What are all the blade styles for High School and Junior programs in the US?

How can I share my child's rowing information for college?
Thanks to Niskayuna rowing for this SAMPLE ROWING RESUME.