Shaker Rowing Association Handbook
Section 3

Crew is the ultimate team sport requiring the highest degree of dedication and commitment. Eight (8) or four (4) rowers and one (1) coxswain (pronounced cox-in) must work almost flawlessly to make the boats move quickly through the water. Rowers appear as though they are moving backwards as their seats slide on a set of tracks within the boat frame. The coxswain's job is not only to steer the boat, but also to motivate the crew and keep them working together at a prescribed pace. 

There are two types of rowing: sweep rowing and sculling. Sweep rowers use only one oar each while scullers have two oars. Shaker rowers participate mainly in sweep events, but on occasion may row in a few sculling events. 


  • Be a member in good standing having satisfied crew academic grade and school attendance requirements; 
  • Competes in at least two (2) competitive races in the 1st Varsity boat during the Spring scholastic season, or rows in the Varsity 8+ at the State Championship, or who has competed for three (3) years with Shaker; 
  • Participates in 90% of all scheduled water practices during the season; 
  • Participates in club fundraising activities; 
  • Complies with the behavioral requirements of the North Colonie Code of Conduct; 
  • Payments must be current; 
  • Eligibility for Spring Season letter includes involvement in an approved winter sport at the high school OR participation in 90% of indoor land training with Shaker Crew; 
  • A Varsity Letter will be awarded to any qualified rower at the end of year Spring Banquet. 

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