Shaker Rowing Association Handbook
Section 7

All rowers are subject to the guidelines and penalties as outlined in the Shaker Jr. - Sr. High School Interscholastic Athletic Guide relative to academic and athletic performance. Specifically, Shaker Rowing Association training rules include a zero tolerance policy for all drugs including, but not limited to, alcohol and tobacco products. Those who choose to violate this policy are subject to removal from participation for a period of one (1) year from the date of their removal. 

Discipline infractions involving safety will be regulated and enforced immediately by coach. Discipline infractions which involve violation of the Shaker Rowing Association Handbook and/or North Colonie Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the Head Coach and the Board for enforcement. 

Any behavior that reflects unfavorably on Shaker Crew constitutes unsportsman like behavior. If you are suspended from school, you will be ineligible to practice or compete during the time of your suspension. You will also forfeit the opportunity to row at the race immediately following your suspension. Insubordination by a rower to a coach - or disruptive behavior to the team, or any disrespect displayed by a Shaker rower, constitutes a discipline infraction and will be subject to discipline or removal from the program based on a review made by the Shaker Rowing Association board and peers. 

Rowers are expected to attend practices daily and on Saturday based on each season's schedule of practices. April vacation practices are crucial to Spring success. Missing these practices (2x daily for Varsity; 1x daily for Novices) may effect boat placement. All rowers/coxswains are expected to be present. Unexcused absences are unacceptable. Excused absences must be minimized. Rowers are expected to show initiative and dedication to self-improvement when not assigned to a team activity. 

Shaker Crew strives to be number one in all aspects of rowing - particularly with respect to displaying good sportsmanship at all times. Row hard, row to win, but do so within the rules of the sport. Respect all members of your crew. Your crew is depending on you to be there for them in all aspects of this sport. That includes eating and sleeping properly, working as hard as possible to maintain positive attitudes, being a good winner by congratulating other boats at the end of races, by supporting fellow teammates regardless of their level of accomplishments, by being role models to less experienced rowers, and by respecting the integrity and judgement of all race officials and coaches. 

Rowing equipment is very expensive and must be handled with care. 
  • Unnecessary talking and horseplay is not permitted when handling equipment.
  • All rowers/coxswains must participate in routine cleaning and maintenance of equipment.
  • Rowers are expected to remain after practices to ensure all boats, oars, and launches are properly stored and secured.
  • Report any equipment problems to your coaches immediately. 

Shaker Crew takes pride in the scholastic accomplishments of our rowers.
  • Be on time for all classes.
  • If you have an unexcused tardy or are absent, you will not be allowed to practice on that day.
  • Keep things in perspective - school and family come before crew!
  • At the same time, however, you have an important commitment to your crew teammates that will require discipline and sacrifices on your part.
  • Contact your coach immediately if you need time away from crew.
  • Do not use crew as an excuse for neglecting your studies. However, you should schedule optional activities around crew.
  • Time management of your schedule is very important. 

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