​       Training student-athletes is a commitment that requires family and community support.
  • The Shaker Rowing Association is grateful to have a dedicated group of family, friends and corporate sponsors who provide time, energy and donations to insure Shaker Crew's success.
  • We THANK YOU for your generosity.  To learn more about how you can help please contact us. 


There are many ways to get involved and your contribution makes a difference. All Shaker Crew families must participate in fundraising, regattas, and other club activities throughout the year. In so doing, a bond is established which is an often uncommon occurrence between teens and parents today! 

There are several “jobs” with Shaker Crew where we need volunteer help. Please write shakercrewinfo@gmail.com to volunteer on any committee.  Together we CAN make a difference!  

SHAKER ROWING COMMITTEES (in alphabetic order)

Board Membership
Board members serve a two-year staggered terms.  Board members make final decisions with regard to schedules, equipment, registration fees, fundraising and coaching salaries.  With the exception of the Treasurer position needing some financial background, no experience is necessary ... just an interest in the club and the availability to meet once a month for about 90 minutes.  See Constitution of the Shaker Rowing Association which outlines Board mission and Officer duties.  (Need a minimum of 7 members but Board can sit up to 9 members!)

Bus Chaperone Schedule
Manage bus parent-chaperone schedule.  Act as liaison between bus Transportation Department and Crew Team.  Make arrangement to have bus service begin for Spring and Fall season.  Cancel bus service when there is no practice. 

Coordinate crew clothing orders for Fall and Spring seasons.  Collect orders, money, place orders and disseminate apparel. 

Donations and Grants
Procure donations from corporate sponsors.  Find grant opportunities, present to Board for approval.  (Need 2-3 volunteers.)

End of Season Banquet
Plan End-of-year banquet for coaches, crew team and their families (held in early June). Planning includes: securing party location, doing announcement/rsvp, determining costs, collecting proceeds, getting coaches gifts, preparing program for Spring banquet including Varsity letters and other awards, getting party favors or door prizes, managing room set-up and any other party/banquet arrangements. (Team of 4-6 volunteers recommended.)

Equipment Maintenance
Work with Head Coach and Board to ensure equipment is maintained and serviced according to schedule.  Also work with Athletic Department for servicing of adaptive training room equipment.  (Need 2-3 volunteers to assist coaches.)

Food and Tent Co-Chairs 
Coordinate food contributions for regattas and manage delivery of food related equipment to regattas and other events such as the Strokes for Support fall fundraiser. (Need Co-Chairs with a team of at least 6 volunteers.)

Fundraising Committee
Find and manage fundraising opportunities for Shaker Crew.  Coordinate mandatory Spring and Fall fundraisers to be suggested by the Committee and approved by the Board.  This requires a team effort with several members.  (Need 6-8 volunteers.)

Health and Safety Committee
If you have a health related background or like to "disinfect" things we have strong need for a group to manage oar and boat shoe disinfecting. The Committee also would ensure that the launches have the appropriate number of approved life vests and first aid kits in the launches.   (Need 2-5 volunteers)

Modified Team Launch Drivers
If you are itching to get out in one of our launch boats and help out with the Modified, this job is for you.  Training will be provided.  Modified parents only please (need just 2 volunteers).

Overnight Regatta Coordinator
Coordinate hotel accommodations and contact lists for those attending out-of-town overnight regattas.  (Need 1 volunteer)

Program/Registration Information
Manage on-line registration process including ensuring Shaker Crew medical waiver forms and US Rowing annual waiver forms are filed for all student-athletes. Compile release forms for coach reference at Riverfront.

Recruitment and Public Relations
Coordinate recruitment mailing to junior high school students.   Mailing occurs in late Spring - May or June.   Forward accomplishments to Barb St. Gelais (our Shaker liaison) for publishing in quarterly newsletter or on school marque.  Work with schools to spread the word on Shaker Crew.  (Need 2-3 volunteers.)

Swim Test
Coordinate all aspects of swim test at SHS or Town of Colonie pool for new rowers. Communicate results to registrar.

Website Management/Communication
Maintain content on website and Team Calendar.  Write and solicit content for website.